Friday, February 22, 2008

My New Boyfriend

I guess all little boys consider their mom their girlfriend. When Will was in my friend Lori's wedding, he began saying that he was going to marry me when he got big. Our conversation tonight went something like this:

  • Will: Mom, do you know you are MY girlfriend?
  • Me: Really?? What about Daddy?
  • Will: Everyday you are mine, but you can be his sometimes, too.
  • Me: That's so sweet of you to share.
  • Will: Well, I love you, Mom.
  • Me: I love you more. (This is one of our rituals that we say a lot.)
  • Will: I love you the most!
  • Me: I love you the most and I mean it!!!!
  • Will: I love you the most and I mean it, mean it!!!!

This "mean it, mean it" thing continues on for a good while. We've been doing this since he could say "l love you", but I didn't have a blog then to record all of the cute things he has said.

I am posting all of this because in about 10 years (when Will is 14), I want proof that he did love me!

On a different note, this is Jake's official 9 month photo. I sure have two cute boys....sorry about the shameless bragging!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Up to No Good...

"Hmmm....Mom has moved everything off the end table but this. I wonder if I can reach it....

not quite....
Oops, I got caught. I'll just be charming and give her my cute little smile and maybe she'll forget to carry me away from the table.
Well, I'll just drop down and crawl through the table because this is my new favorite hang out!
Enough of that....I gotta find something else to get into!!"
MEANWHILE......Will is in his room enjoying a movie and popcorn and his little brother is on his way to see what he is up to. I had to put the camera down to ensure that Jake didn't get into the popcorn!

Will's Awards

Will received two awards last week at his pre-school--one for recognizing capital and lower case letters (mixed up) and one for recognizing his numbers 1-25. Needless to say, we are very proud of him! While bragging on him, he informed me that some of the children didn't get "rewards" for ABCs and numbers, but they did get one for "being good". I'm not really sure I wanted to know this because then I had a hard question to answer for myself...would I rather Will be smart or good???? The answer is BOTH!!!

Jake's First Haircut

Jake got his first haircut a few weeks ago. I had been tucking his hair behind his ears for awhile before I decided to get it cut. I was really trying to wait until his first birthday, but as you can see, his hair was about to cover his ears!



...being very still

...nothing phases this kid

...and after!!