Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hurricane Results

Champions: Calvin and Lois Ward---5 bass---13.75 lbs
2nd: Brad Lewis and Dustin Roddy---5 bass---11.94 lbs
3rd and Big Bass: Brad Kieffner and Billy Keedy---5 bass---9.13 lbs (4.25 lbs)
4th: Marvin Ross and Raymond Bradley---4 bass---7.13 lbs
Congratulations to Calvin and Lois Ward! On a slow day for most, they brought in a whopping 13.75 lbs of largemouth. Second went to Lewis and Roddy. They had a consistent sack of just under 12 pounds. Third place and Big Bass went to Kieffner and Keedy. Their sack of 9 pounds was anchored by a 4.25 lb largemouth. Finishing fourth was Ross and Bradley at 7.13 pounds.
Tournament Stats
17 boats (Avg 19.9 boats/tournament)
33 fishermen
51 bass weighed
88.72 lbs of bass
6 limits of 5 fish

Sunday, August 22, 2010

NHS Hall of Fame Banquet

Coach Keedy was recently inducted to the Newport High School Hall of Fame. This was the second year for this event and he was (is) certainly deserving of the honor. Coach's long-time friend, Governor Mike Beebe introduced him so we had the honor of having him sit at our table for the dinner. We felt like Jake was still a little too young and rowdy for such an event, but Will was able to attend his first banquet honoring his "Coach".

Kathryn (otherwise known as "Aunt KaKa"), Gink, Billy, me, Coach, and Will

Coach accepting his award from Gov. Beebe
My handsome guy with "The Gov"
Our table (that's Cynthia and Don Smotherman on the end--sister of Coach and brother-in-law)

Growing up!

Brent's Married!

The newest member of the Justus family, Melanie!

Aunt Melanie and Uncle Brent with neice and nephews

Beach Pics 2010

Just a few photos from our annual Gulf Shores trip...beaches were beautiful! No sign of oil!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our Little Rock Star

Jake loves playing his "moosic" on his guitar. We often get treated to a concert after bath time. I think he was singing "Hey, Soul Sister" during this concert. He absolutely loves the song, and that's why it plays on my blog as the #1 song.

Gotta love this face

His idea...not mine. He thought mommy needed to look like a rock star too. He found the props and put them on me. However, I don't think the look is working too well for me. =) Cortney, if you happen to read this post, you may recognize the sunglasses on me. You gave them to me at one of my birthday parties when we were LITTLE. Will found them at my parents' house and thinks they are the coolest!! Who knew??

4th of July

We continued the tradition of going to Batesville to see the fireworks show this year. Will took his friend Miller since most of our friends have children that are around Jake's age.

The fam

Lots of cute kiddos! and sweaty

Will practicing his putting

The guys
The girls had an agreement to never publish any of the photos taken of us that night. We were all in agreement that they were hideous. Chasing kids in July humidity in Arkansas is never a good combination for a good hair day! =)

Will's Trip

Will went to St. Louis with Billy's parents to watch 3 Cardinal games. He absolutely loves the Cardinals, so to say he was excited about this trip is an understatement. In fact, he tried to get us to change our family vacation plans. He said it would be great to go to St. Louis for 8 days and go to a Cardinal game everyday...not my idea of fun though. Anyway, while he was at one of the games, he was filmed. This is a pic of him at the game how he appeared on TV.