Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Just Hair

I guess it is a rite of passage for all little kids, but I really thought I had escaped it with Will. I mean we've talked about not using scissors to cut hair a MILLION times. Today his teacher emailed me and told me that he had a big chunk of hair missing out of his bangs. He told her that he didn't do it at school...he did it at home the night before using his daddy's scissors that were in one of his bathroom drawers. She didn't know what to believe, so I told her that it makes sense that he probably did it at home. We've been trying to make him a little more independent by allowing him to take a bath by himself. He came out of the bath last night with his wet hair all combed to the side, so I didn't notice the big gap. This morning we were in a big hurry and I just slapped some water on the parts that were sticking up and combed it (while standing behind him) and I didn't notice it.
Here is a little bit of my conversation with Will when he got to my room this afternoon:
Me: Why did you cut your hair?
Will: Because I felt like I needed a hair cut.
Me: If you feel like you need a hair cut, tell me, and we will go see Ms. Ann
Will: (very scared) okay, I'm sorry
Me: Where did you put the hair you cut?
Will: I flushed it down the toilet so you wouldn't see it.
Me: So you KNEW it was wrong to do.
Will: Yes, and I locked the door so you wouldn't come in and find me.
Me: (Starting to feel like I have a mischievious child) Do you think it looks cute?
Will: (nods his head yes)
Me: Well it doesn't.
Will: (looks heartbroken)
Me: (starting to feel bad for him and realizing this is not the end of the world) Well, we will probably laugh about this someday, but I hope you never do this again.
We are already laughing about it. When I took him to the bank to see Billy, he busted out laughing and then I knew that it really wasn't that big of a deal. I just hope I am not ever on here again posting about my son the barber.
While we are on the subject of hair, the other day I took a picture of Jake while he was sleeping. We were going somewhere that morning, so I didn't care if I woke him up...and sure enough he did when he heard the camera.
This is what he looked like when he woke up. I think this is the worst "bed head" I have ever seen. It just cracked me up, so I had to post it. I am SURE that in a few years, I will be posting about Jake the Barber.