Sunday, September 6, 2009

Will's Party!!

Will had his 6th birthday party at Pump It Up in Jonesboro...easiest party he's ever had! I didn't have to do anything except bring the cake. He had a great time and I think all of the other kiddos did, too. Jake loved it just as much as the big guys. You can see him in the background of the first picture heading up the monstrous slide.

While opening gifts at Pump It Up, the birthday boy or girl gets to sit on this huge throne shown above. When Will kept insisting that we have his party at this place, I told him I could rent a bounce house and we could have the party in Newport where it would be more convenient for his friends. Then, he informed me that he wouldn't get to sit on the throne. So what's a mom to do??? By all means, let's sit on the throne!!