Thursday, January 22, 2009

Boys Are Tough

Okay, let's just say that this face says it all...I have my hands full with this one! I have posted about his "mean face" before, but this is an entirely new one. He sort of shivers when he makes it. Of course, we crack up so he just keeps doing it for attention.

Jake busted his head open on our coffee table on Monday morning. He had to have it glued back together, which I am sure was better than getting stitches. But, I could have landed a few punches when I saw the doctor dig the nozzle of the glue container into his cut in a not-so-gentle way. Anyway, these pictures were taken on the night of the accident. My intention was to post these Monday night, so that my mom could see for herself that he was fine...but time got away from me. (Have I mentioned that I am taking the hardest class I have ever had in my whole life??!!)

Trying to get Jake to play calmly is a chore. He likes to write, so we've done plenty of that while letting his head heal.
Everything is a "pone" (phone) these days...even my camera case. This picture really shows his incredible eyelashes. Neither of my boys get that from me!!

Hanging out in Mommy's room watching "tee-bee". (He's not smiling for the camera. He just loves Baby Einstein that much!)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Funny Story!

I don't even have a picture to go on this post, but I thought this was too funny not to share....Today, January 14th, is the day that Billy and I started "dating". We usually don't celebrate this anniversary, but Billy was really sweet this year and sent me a half dozen roses with a card that said "half a dozen for half my life" (He's 32 and we started dating when he was 16) sweet! Anyway I probably would not have thought this event was blog worthy, but when Will came into my classroom this afternoon, he asked me who gave me flowers. I told him that they were from daddy, and then he looked at me with the most serious face and said, "Does Daddy think he is The Bachelor?" If you don't know about the TV show The Bachelor, this will not be funny at all, but if you do, you will probably get a good laugh like I did.