Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Big Catch

Will went fishing with his daddy this weekend and caught several bream on his own.(Just a side note, I learned something new today...originally I spelled "bream" B-R-I-M, but Billy informed me that I misspelled it, so I fixed it.) Will has been fishing numerous times, but he has never reeled one in all by himself. Needless to say, he is really proud! Will says that he caught 13 fish, but Billy says it was 8. The pictures posted below all look like the same shot, except the one of the bass that Billy is holding, but Will informed me that he wanted me to "put all the pictures on the computer that his daddy took of him today so all his family could see". So I am obeying my command!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Got Tagged!

This is the first time that I have been tagged on my blog. I normally don't answer these things when they are sent out in an email, but I will do it for the one and only Ms. Becky (the mother of my good friend, Cortney).
So here it goes....

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
I was going to summer school at ASU, working at the YMCA summer day camp program, preparing for my teacher intern semester at Valley View, and working on my wedding plans for the upcoming summer.

2. My favorite snacks.
Hershey with ALMONDS!!!!

3. Five things on my to-do list today.
1. laundry
2. laundry
3. and more laundry!!! It never ends at my house...
4. take Will to Chris's birthday party
5. make a list of things to pack on my upcoming cruise with the girls

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire.
I have never really thought of it, but I love to travel so I know I would buy homes all over the world and travel constantly. I would repay my parents and Billy's parents every penny they have ever spent on us plus a ton more. I would make sure that my children and future generations of my family were well taken care of, but they would have to work one would be allowed to live only on his/her trust fund. I would set up scholarship programs for children that live in poverty right here in Newport and give to St Jude--I believe what they do is nothing short of a miracle.

5. Five jobs I've had.
While in college... (1) Movie Gallery cashier (2) YMCA after school care worker and summer day camp worker
Real jobs....(3) teacher at Park Hill Elem. in North Little Rock (4) teacher in Vilonia (5) teacher in Newport

6. Fives places I've lived.
1. Paragould, AR
2. Cherokee Village, AR
3. Newport, AR
4. Jonesboro, AR
5. Conway, AR

7. Five Random things People wouldn't know about me.
-I am a hypochondriac---BIG TIME
-I am a little OCD about washing my hands (see the first thing listed to better understand)
-I have never made a "B" or below on any report card (high school or college) In other words, I am a nerd!!'s hard to admit that
-I am NEVER wrong, or so I think!
-OK this one is weird and I don't know how to word it and make it make sense, but I will try...when people talk to me or when I am listening to someone on TV or on the phone, I spell out the words they say by writing them on my leg with my pointer finger or I type them on my leg. Weird, I know!!

8. Five CD's I'd have to take on a desert island.
It would have to be the greatest hits of some of my favorite artists, and it is very hard for me to narrow it down, but I think it would be the greatest hits of Lionel Ritchie, ABBA, Outkast, Dixie Chicks, and Whitney Houston

9. People I tag are......not very many of my friends have blogs and the few that do have already been tagged, so no one

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

End of the Season

Jr. T-ball is over and I can say that I have seen enough of the ballpark to last me until next year. Will really enjoyed it and learned so much. I think he was one of the only players that knew to run past first base instead of trying to slide into it. He noticed that one night while watching the Cardinals with his dad and put it into use the very next game.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Why do little boys....

...want to pee outside all of the time? Two days ago Will went out to check the mail and I was watching him through the window. All of the sudden, he drops his pants right in the middle of the front yard with cars driving by and proceeds to go! I yelled to him and told him to come inside and go, and he says, "BUT I HAVE TO GO NOW!" My shy little boy is not shy about this at all. I just don't get it. We've talked about it before, but he just doesn't seem to get that this is not appropriate. I have heard all the "boys will be boys" cliches, but, seriously, this is not normal. I am telling this story because about 45 minutes ago when I was posting on this blog, my dog came into the computer room smelling awful. Now, it is not unusual for Kooper to go outside and get really hot and come in smelly, but this was different. Will came in right after him to announce that he "accidentally" peed on Kooper when they were outside! Needless to say, Will got a stern talking to and was sent to his room while Kooper got a bath!
This is the face of a dog asking "Why ME??" About 5 years ago, you would have had a hard time finding a dog more pampered than Kooper. I am sure he wonders where that wonderful life has gone. We still love him like one of the family, but he sure gets put through a lot by the boys.

Favorite Hangouts

Clearing out the toy cabinets...happens at least 10-15 times a day!

Playing under the slide

Waiting for Kooper or Will to come back inside (Yes, Will uses the doggie door to come in and out!)
Jake has never ventured out of the door. He just looks out to see what is going on, but I am waiting for him to head out any day. Will started going out of the one we had in Conway around 9 months old.
Will popping in to say hello to Jake

Happy Father's Day

We are so lucky to have you, and we hope you have a wonderful day!

Friday, June 13, 2008

New Pics

I just got these pictures framed and hung today. I had to share them because I think they are so adorable. I had always planned to have Jake's picture taken in one of the same outfits that Will wore in a picture, and I think this turned out really cute! They are close to the same age in the pictures; Will is 9 months and Jake is one year. You can definitely tell that they are brothers, but with totally different personalities. Will is more reserved and quiet while Jake is quite the opposite.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Mom, Come Take a Look!"

(I wish I would have taken a "before" picture, but I only have the "after" shot.)..........
Just imagine toys EVERYWHERE in the middle of the rug, and a little boy begging his mother to play Membory (Memory). The mother kept telling her little boy that as soon as he picked up his mess, she would play with him. The little boy would pick up one thing and say that he had to take a break (he gets this from his father), thinking that his mother would give in and help him pick up the toys. She held strong on this day and refused to help him clean up. Instead she went to her room to fold laundry and told the little boy to call for her when he was ready to play the game. After 30 minutes had passed, she finally heard her son yell, "Mom, come take a look!" When the mother came into the living room, she was so impressed and praised her child over and over for the good job he had done. After the game had been played and put up, the mother sat on the couch to watch a little "Good Morning America" and felt something poking at her side from underneath the throw pillow. Upon closer inspection, she found a toy behind the pillow, but really didn't think much of it. This is a pretty common occurrance at her household, but something told her to go look behind all of the throw pillows on the couches. This is what she found....

Maybe her little boy didn't deserve all of the praise he had received, but the mother remembered doing similar things when she was a child. So, maybe he takes after his mother after all.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Portfest 2008

Will and I went to Portfest last night and met up with some friends. Annie was Will's riding partner on the kiddie rides and I had to ride with him on the "big kid" rides. Annie is the cutest little girl, and I don't think her parents could have picked a more suitable name for her...look at her adorable curls! Annie kept trying to hold Will's hand and hug him when they would get really excited about getting on the next ride, but he would have no part of it. I'll remind of him of that in about 10 years!

race cars
inside the spinning bear's tummy
Will in the glass maze
I went through the maze with Will the first time, and the second time he wanted to go by himself. He got on the wrong path one time and almost started to panic, but he finally figured it out as I was on my way inside to help him. We also rode the Tilt-a-Whirl three times, the octupus once, and another ride the went frontwards, backwards, and sideways that I really did not enjoy. I made the mistake of saying that I didn't like it while on the ride, and Will said, "If you're scared, I'm scared!" So, I quickly told him that I was not scared. He said, "Me either, but I don't want to ride this anymore." I couldn't have agreed more!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer Party!

Our good friends, the Wallace's, had a party to kick off the summer this past weekend. The kids played in the sprinklers, bounced on hippety hops, played cricket, and lots of other fun things.

Playing in the rock box and swinging (Will is pushing Miller)

The Three Stooges...Will, Wesley, and Miller

Jake thinks he is big enough to hang with the big guys...


Time to eat...look at Jake's face in the background!

Jack, our neighbor

One month old Taryn was at the party. She is Wesley's new sister!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Well, as you might have noticed, I haven't posted in awhile. The memory card on my camera has been full and I finally emptied it today. Will had a T-ball game tonight. Here are few pics...