Saturday, April 26, 2008

Jake's One Year Photos

Friday, April 25, 2008

All Is Well...

At least for now!! I was very worried when they first brought him back to me. He was holding his neck and saying, "My neck hurts so bad." My heart ached for him, but I think the pain medicine has kicked in because he is doing much better now. He has eaten a popsicle, some jello, yogurt, and a sandwich (shocking...I know). The doctor said do not deny him anything he asks for, but not to let him have any hard food with sharp edges. I cut the crusts off the bread just to make it a little softer. Hopefully, everything will continue to go like this. Thanks for the prayers!!! It means a lot.

Will 5 hours after his surgery

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Prayers, Please

Will is having his tonsils and adenoids taken out tomorrow morning, and my stomach is in knots about it. I know that it is a common surgery, but when it is your child, you can't help but worry. So, I am asking everyone to please say a prayer for him and ask for a safe operation and speedy recovery. We've got to get this boy back out on the T-Ball field as soon as possible! :-)

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Bitter because Uncle Brent leaves for basic training tomorrow; sweet because it is the right choice. We love you, we'll miss you, and we'll pray for you everyday. Hang in will be worth it in the end!

At lunch...Will had a good time making s'mores for dessert.

Back at Nana's house, Jake figured out that "bear" crawling felt better to his knees.

So, big brother had to give it a try, too!

On our way home...both boys were out like a light after about 5 minutes on the road.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jake's Walking!!!

Jake has come a long way with his walking this week. Last weekend he could only take 2 or 3 steps at a time, but this weekend he can take up to 10 steps! He is really proud of himself as you can see from his smile in the pictures. We went to get his 1 year old shots yesterday and he weighed 29.8 pounds which is above the 100th percentile for babies his age. The doctor assured me that this is fine because he is also above the 100th percentile in head circumference and height and everything is proportionate. (Will was the exact same way when he was his age.) He is right on track with his development. He can say mama, dadda, kuh kuh (Kooper, our dog), buh buh (bottle or Will thinks bubba for brother), nana, guhkuh (Ginker), ii (hi--he does this when waving.) He is sleeping through the night without any problems, he drinks from a sippy cup (no more bottles!!), and eats table food.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ginker!

We love you and hope you have a great day!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Soccer

Spring soccer has begun along with T-ball. Our Saturdays are going to be very busy!! Yesterday Will had a soccer game at 10 o'clock and T-ball practice at 1:00, so it kind of takes up the whole day. Will played soccer in the fall, but this is his first T-ball experience. I remembered to take my camera to the soccer game, but I didn't take any pictures at T-ball practice. Here are a couple of pictures...(Will is in the striped toboggan.)
Ready for action....
During the last soccer game of the fall, one little boy kept using his hands and pushing Will and his teammates down. Well, someone finally pushed the little boy back and he fell. Will thought this was hilarious, so he looked over to our team's sideline and yelled, "Hey Dad, that kid ate grass!!" We were slightly embarrassed that he would make such an unsportsman like comment, but it was really funny!

Will and buds!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Shoes

Finding tennis shoes to fit Will's feet and my taste has proven to a challenge lately. I finally found some that were wide enough and that had no shoe strings this weekend on the internet. When Will gets a pair of new shoes, he loves to show them off. (He always says that he can run even faster with new shoes.) Billy came home from work, and Will showed them to his dad. Billy asked him where he got them, and Will replied rather matter of factly, "From the mailbox." Does that say something about my online shopping????

Posing with the new shoes...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Jake's Party

We had a family birthday party for Jake on Sunday afternoon. Our guests included: Nana, Papaw, Uncle Brent, Ginker, Coach, Aunt Kathryn, Grandma Wilda, Aunt Nita, Kalee, Grandpa Don, Gayla, Jill, Aunt Cynthia, Ms. Linda, and Ms. Pat. We had a great time watching Jake eat cake and Will open Jake's presents. We really appreciate all of our family coming and making this a joyous day. Most of you had a long way to travel and it means a lot to us that you came.

Pictures from the party...(You'll notice Jake is not his usual smiley self. He is getting over tonsillitis and cutting about 3 or 4 teeth right now.) Also, I didn't get a picture of everyone at the party. If anyone from the party reads this, email me some more pics if you have any and I'll put them on the blog. I really tried to remember to get a picture of everyone there, but I got too busy and forgot!

"Yeah, I know I'm one...see??"
Ms. Linda, Jake, and Nana
Aunt Kathryn (KaKa) and Jake
Uncle Brent and Jill (my mom's little sister)

Happy 1st Birthday, Jake!!

A year in pictures...
(wrong date on this was July 4th, 2007 really)

I can't believe it's been a year!!