Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Finally...he likes listening to stories!!

Sometime in the fall, it became much easier to get Jake to sit down and listen to a story. He used to always bring me a book to read (or I would pick one out to read) and when we sat down to read it, he would let me read one page before saying, "All done!" while slamming the book shut. He didn't have the longest attention span, but that improved with age like I knew it would. Now he will listen to as many books as I will read to him and he loves to retell the stories in his own words when we finish. I think he does that because he sees Will read his take-home book from school every night, and he wants to think that he is reading to me like Will does. He also enjoys listening to the stories that Will brings home to read, and Will is happy to read to him. It is so cute to see my two boys cuddled up in one of their beds or on the couch reading. It just melts my heart because I know it won't be long before they are too "grown" to do that sort of thing. I need to get a picture of that soon and then I can share the "cuteness"!

Long Time, No Blog

Since I haven't posted since HALLOWEEN, I guess it's time to try to catch up. Facebook is really spoiling me. I usually upload pics on that site and don't have to take the time to write anything, but I have family members that aren't on Facebook that have begun to wonder if I have given up blogging. I am going to try to do a better job with staying on top of it and I will post something every couple of days until I get it up-to-date. WARNING: If you are on Facebook, the pictures will be the it might get a little boring!