Friday, August 28, 2009

Will Is 6!

I didn't get this post on here on his actual birthday since it took 10 minutes to load each of my catch up posts, but I was determined to get this on here before I went to bed. I will be paying for that in the morning!! We celebrated his birthday earlier tonight with Ginker and Coach. Will got to pick where we went to eat (of course, he picked US Pizza...he is his mother's son) and then we came back home to have cake and open presents. His actual party will be this weekend at Pump It Up in Jonesboro. Hopefully, I'll keep up with the blog and have more pics to share this weekend from the party.

Jake kept saying that is was his birthday everytime someone mentioned Will's birthday. I'm glad he had some presents to open, too, or he would have really been disappointed on his "birthday"!

This is a pitiful cake, I know, but it's what he wanted for his "at home" birthday cake. He put the candles on it himself and didn't want me to try to decorate it in anyway which is probably a good thing!!

Some things I want to remember about Will at this age:
-He still loves his momma! He loves to cuddle and loves to just sit by me and watch TV or read books.
-Even though he's a cuddler at home, in public it's a different story. He recently quit letting me hold his hand when we cross the parking lot at stores. Everytime he pulls his hand out of mine, I feel like my baby is slipping away and becoming too independent. But, I guess that's what parenting is really about...raising our children to become independent. So, I will try my best to let him grow...and not smother him to death with my overprotectiveness. Is that even a word??
-He loves sports! He's definitely a Keedy! He knows more players on the Cardinals team than his dad and calls his dad with play by play updates if he is not home to watch the games.
-He will sleep in his own bed and lay down by himself, but he doesn't like it. He was doing good until Michael Jackson died and seeing pictures of him on the news back in June still haunts him.
He thinks he was a monster, and it's not because of Thriller. He's thinking about how he looked after all the plastic surgery.
-He loves to learn, especially anything dealing with numbers.
-He is a wonderful big brother most of the time. He is so patient with Jake and will not hit Jake even if Jake hits him. In fact, when Jake tries to bite him, we've told him to try to bite Jake back but he will not do it. I'm glad he was the first born because I'm quite certain that Jake wouldn't have been as good of a big brother.
-He hates to clean up and is a very messy kid! This is the source of most of our disagreements!!
-He is a very well-behaved child in public (and most of the time at home, except for the mess thing) and always has been-- except for the first four months of his life. He is very much a "pleaser" and comes by that honestly. He also always thinks he's right and is a little bossy at times...he comes by that honestly, too! =)
-He has an awesome memory. It's spooky sometimes. He'll say remember that time when I was 2 and we went to blah, blah, blah... and we really will have done what he is talking about and it's not something that he's seen in pictures.
-He admires his daddy more than anyone and wants to be just like him. It's so sweet!! I love hearing him tell things about "my daddy" to other kids.
-He adores his grandparents (both sets) and would probably choose to live with them if given the chance. LOL!!

My (Oldest) Baby Is Growing Up!

Where does the time go? Seriously...

6 weeks old
5 months
7 months

1st Birthday Party at Nana's

2nd Birthday
3rd Birthday
Big brother at 3 years 7 months
4th Birthday
5th Birthday

And now my baby's turning 6!

First Day of Kindergarten

Will started kindergarten this year! Many people think he has already been to kindergarten since he is turning 6 this month, but since his birthday is so early, we decided to wait until this year to start him. He was certainly ready to go last year, but I was afraid the age difference might show up in junior high or high school when kids really need to have a level head. I've got to brag just a little....Will can already do math that some of my 5th graders can't do. He can add and subtract (all in his head, not with pencil and paper) and multiply by 2's, 5's, and 10's. I think he gets it from me!! ;)

These pictures are in reverse order too. So start from the bottom up!

Mrs. Miller and Will--She is the teacher he was really hoping to get.

The Wiggles

Nana, the boys, and I went to see The Wiggles in Little Rock a few weeks ago. When Will was little, The Wiggles were all the rage and had a show on Disney. Now they aren't as popular, but Jake still likes to watch all of Will's old Wiggle DVDs. Will was probably a little too old to go with us, but I couldn't stand to not take him. He acted like he was so bored during the show and too big for it, but I know he really enjoyed it. Jake had a look of awe of his face the entire time!

First Cardinals Game

These pictures are in reverse order of how I wanted them, but it wouldn't let me rearrange them for some reason. Ginker and Coach took Will to St. Louis for a few days to see 2 Cardinal games and go to the St. Louis zoo. Recently, Will has become obsessed with the Cardinals and begs to stay up late to see the end of games. He already knows the starting line up and all their jersey numbers. I think he's a Cardinal fan for life!

Gulf Shores 2009

We took our yearly beach trip to Gulf Shores, AL this year. Billy's parents go with us and we always have a good time. I know it will just get better as the boys get older and are able to do more. I have lots more pics from this trip, but I'm just going to share a few since I am posting all of these posts at lightning speed!!

Crab hunting was a nightly activity if we got back to the condo before bedtime

This was the first year that Will had a boogie board. He loved it!

Jake played in the sand this year! Last year he cried when he got sand on his feet or hands!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

July 4, 2009

For the last several years, we've gone to Batesville with friends to celebrate the 4th. We have found that you can set chairs up on the public golf course to watch the fireworks and it is not crowded at all. You don't have to worry about your kids running off and getting lost in the crowd. This year was especially fun because Jake was old enough to stay awake and watch the show.

My boys, Hannah, Sam, and Reece

Father's Day 2009

I wish I would have remembered to post something on Father's Day this year. Billy is a great father and is devoted to raising two gentlemen and teaching them right from wrong. We are lucky to have him!

Fishing on the River

Billy has really become more of a fisherman than a golfer lately and I think his boys are going to love it just as much. I'm really glad that they will grow up going fishing with their daddy, and it will be something they can do when they are older with their own children.

Baseball Season ('09)

This was Will's second year to play baseball, really tee-ball. The coach would loft the ball to them three times and if they didn't hit it, then they hit it off the tee. Will played first base most of the time. He also spent a little time at shortstop and pitcher. This year he really was into playing and understood the game much better.

Serious first baseman
At bat...

Playing defense

Trophy time!!

Mill and Will showing off trophies

Brent's Deployment Party

Brent left for Iraq in June. It was and still is a bittersweet feeling. I am so proud of him and his willingness to volunteer to go, but the selfish side of me wants him safe and sound at home. If I feel that way, I can only imagine how my mother feels. I know it's not easy for her, but he calls home and chats online often. Hopefully, he'll get to come home for a visit in January!