Sunday, August 22, 2010

NHS Hall of Fame Banquet

Coach Keedy was recently inducted to the Newport High School Hall of Fame. This was the second year for this event and he was (is) certainly deserving of the honor. Coach's long-time friend, Governor Mike Beebe introduced him so we had the honor of having him sit at our table for the dinner. We felt like Jake was still a little too young and rowdy for such an event, but Will was able to attend his first banquet honoring his "Coach".

Kathryn (otherwise known as "Aunt KaKa"), Gink, Billy, me, Coach, and Will

Coach accepting his award from Gov. Beebe
My handsome guy with "The Gov"
Our table (that's Cynthia and Don Smotherman on the end--sister of Coach and brother-in-law)

Growing up!

Brent's Married!

The newest member of the Justus family, Melanie!

Aunt Melanie and Uncle Brent with neice and nephews

Beach Pics 2010

Just a few photos from our annual Gulf Shores trip...beaches were beautiful! No sign of oil!!